Monday, August 9, 2010

Cutlets / Patties

The smell of cutlets always remind me of my dearest friends...all the times we have spent in canteen... be it college or office... Cutlets taste best with some ketchup, hot tea/coffee and at least one friend :)

The pic on left is chicken cutlet. 
First we need to make kheema fry. The process is explained here.

Kheema fry - half cup
Potato - one small
Egg - one ( For substitution, check notes)
Bread crumbs - for coating the cutlets
Oil- for frying

Cook the potatoes so that they can be easily mashed. Mash well when cool enough to handle. In a bowl mix equal amounts of kheema fry and mashed potato to form a smooth lump. Taste the mix to ensure salt and spice levels are to your taste. If needed, add more. Mix well and roll them into balls or any other desired shape. Beat the egg and keep aside. Next to this keep bread crumbs in a plate. Heat oil for frying. When hot enough, dip the cutlets in egg and coat with bread crumbs and fry until golden brown, drain and serve. Makes 4 cutlets.

If you want to skip the egg part, use a thin batter made of all purpose or corn flour and water.
The cutlets are usually deep fried, but if you roll them into a flat shape (as shown in the pic above) rather than a ball, you could minimize the oil usage and do a shallow fry.

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