Ingredient Index

We all have heard it..." whats in a name??? " From where I stand...I would say lots...
When I first moved to Chennai... I dint know the Tamil names of spices and vegetables or pretty much anything... It was a struggle... Once we needed a broom.. and I had to ask the guy in charge of the place... He dint know English... I said 'chool' which is the Malayalam version... Knowing the similarities of these two languages i assumed it would work... he brought us a footstool... thanks to all those dumb charades sessions... i enacted it.. and he said 'oh thodappa'... 

Ingredients are no different... :)
If you have another name for any of the ingredients listed below, please let me know. I will update the post to include them... 

Broken Wheat
Cumin Seeds
Curry leaves
Green Chilli
Green Gram
Mustard Seeds 
Red Chilli